How Talu Ventures Came to Be

In late 2012, when we, the three successors of CM Capital, started down the path of naming the new company, we knew we wanted to break the stoic model of arranging the founders’ names in some fashion to highlight the all-mighty principals.  Instead, the new company name should represent our vision toward leadership, partnership and empowerment.  Ultimately, we see ourselves as a community of investment professionals and advisors that are here to guide our portfolio companies to achieve the greatest success possible.

As we meandered our way through our local history, we found ourselves exploring various indigenous Australian words.  We were surprised to learn that much of the dialect of the aboriginal tribes of Brisbane and surrounds has long been lost.  But curiously that only made it more interesting for us to delve further.

Based on the work of F.J. Watson published in the Journal of the Royal Geographic Society of Australasia (Queensland) around 1943, it seems that there were four main tribes that occupied South East Queensland, and of these the Yugurabul tribe occupied the basins of the Brisbane and Caboolture Rivers.

In the Yugurabul language, the word Talu (pronounced Tah-loo) means fire.  Fire of course was fundamental to the existence of our indigenous communities. It was a giver of life, and a protector.  So metaphorically, we liked that.  We also liked the sound of the word Talu.


Depending on the value placed in quick web research, it also turns out that Talu is an island in Thailand, an ethnic group of people in China, and a planet in the Star Wars movie.  In Old English, Talu is a tale or narrative.  In Estonian, it’s a farmhouse.  And in the Banjanese language it means the number three, just like our three principals and founders.

We invest with a fire in our belly.  We invest in hot companies.  We bring great success stories to life.  And we enjoy the fact that Talu is the name we have chosen that puts the focus on what we do and not who we are.



Extensive Operational Experience

Talu’s founders have dedicated their careers to the IT and biotech industries and they understand the challenges of building companies from the ground up. In collaboration with Talu’s Industry Advisors, portfolio companies can draw upon more than a century of leadership roles within a broad spectrum of successful companies.

As an “entrepreneur-friendly” firm, Talu has a proven record of first identifying best-in-class intellectual property, then building an experienced management team to accelerate progress and ultimately co-investing with other venture capitalists to maximize shareholder value.

Hands-on Approach to Company Building

Talu adheres to the “roll up your shirtsleeves” style of working closely with its portfolio companies. Going beyond passive board roles, Talu’s input pertaining to operational plans, strategy and management team development has a major impact on creating and realizing shareholder value. Talu believes that strong, effective leadership within a company is far more involved than just micro-managing CEOs. To make a difference, you must get involved.

Low loss rate

Talu has been the lead investor in more than 90 percent of its investments which has resulted in a legacy of strong respect and cooperation with its portfolio companies. Typically Talu invests between $5-15 million during the life of a company and strives to maximize shareholder returns for all its investments. Above all, the Talu team works to continually minimize its loss rate to enable a positive impact on overall returns.

A Global View

Talu’s global perspective in life sciences and technology is a key asset for its portfolio companies. While all of Talu’s companies are headquartered throughout Australia and the USA, clinical and product development, commercialization and product sales are forged throughout the world. Talu’s extensive experience in international markets coupled with its extensive professional networks allows small companies to navigate the fast-paced world of global business.